One Piece Chapter 1053 Spoilers: 2 New Emperors Revealed

The emperor Kaido has been vanquished by Luffy and his comrades, but the Wano arc is far from done, according to the latest One Piece chapter 1053 spoilers. Here is all the information you require on the upcoming chapter.

After a significant battle against Kaido and Big Mom, One Piece chapter 1052 served as something of a humorous reprieve. Following the healing of Luffy and Zoro’s combat wounds, Straw Hats celebrated in a huge way. Many of her followers have questioned Yamato’s gender because she elected to bathe among guys while officially joining the Straw Hat group. Momonosuke, now the Shogun of Wano, attempted to play with Nami (much like he did in his child form), but Nami Punch knocked him to the ground.

The marines have sent the new Admiral, the Greenbull (Ryokugyu), to Wano after learning of Kaido and Big Mom’s loss. He was observed riding a flower on his back and flying to Wano nation. It is unknown if he is traveling to Wano in order to apprehend Straw Hats. Whatever the situation, given the power boost the Straw Hats received in the Wano arc, it will be challenging for one Admiral to battle against every Straw Hat.

One Piece 1053 Spoilers

Some surprising new information that is truly too good to be true has been disclosed by fresh One Piece chapter 1053 spoilers. There are now two brand-new sea emperors. Fans had anticipated that either Kid or Law would succeed as emperor, but it turns out that Buggy and Luffy are the two new emperors. Although the other Straw Hats’ bounties are undisclosed, Luffy’s bounty has been made public. The same 3 billion berries are available to Luffy, Law, and Kid.

Aramaki was revealed to be Admiral Ryokugyu’s real name. In addition to being able to grow plants, he also reportedly has the ability to nutrient-suck humans dry. Ryokugyu used his skills against the King and Queen, according to the reported spoilers. It’s still not clear if the leaks are referring to their recent encounter or something that happened in the past.

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  • The new bounties of Luffy, Law and Kid are 3 billion Berries each. The image on Luffy’s Wanted poster is Gear 5.
  • Hitetsu is revealed to be Kozuki Sukiyaki. Robin talks with him and says that Pluton is in the Land of Wano.
  • Ryokugyu’s real name is Aramaki, he can create plants and he can absorb people’s nutrients, we saw him using this against King and Queen.
  • There’s a big party in Flower Capital, there’re fireworks.
  • Kid arrives at the party and shows Luffy the newspaper.
  • The 4 new Emperors are revealed: Shanks, Teach, Luffy and Buggy.

Throughout the week, new details will continue to emerge.
We’ll update this page if any new spoilers appear online. Remember that this is the last chapter before Eiichiro Oda takes a month off to participate in a variety of activities.

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