One Piece Chapter 1053

One Piece Fans Are Freaking Out Over A Shocking Reveal In Manga

One Piece Chapter 1053

As a One Piece fan, if you visit Twitter right now and find the hashtag “Buggy” trending, you may accidentally click on it and learn about a bombshell revelation that occurred in manga chapter 1053. Therefore, if you are only an anime fan and do not want to be spoilt, you should turn around right away.

Fans are in complete astonishment at what is happening in the manga series as a result of the recent leak of One Piece chapter 1053 spoilers online. We first learned about Admiral Ryokugyu’s capabilities. The most astounding thing revealed in the manga is that he has the ability to generate plants and absorb nutrients from people. Spoilers claim that Buggy and Luffy are now the two new sea emperors.

Although it makes sense that Luffy would become emperor because he overthrew Kaido, Buggy has not, at least according to what is known thus far. Remember that while there were some humorous ideas about Buggy becoming a Yonko, no-one genuinely believed that Eiichiro Oda would actually turn him into one. Following is how followers are responding to this news on Twitter:

Many manga readers predicted that either Law or Kidd will become one of the emperors of the sea, but here is what actually happened according to @tiltedmoria.

Another One Piece fan even shared a fan-made manga chapter where Buggy awakens his devil fruit, and even Blackbeard and Sakazuki are afraid of his awakened devil fruit power

Eiichiro Oda can explain Buggy D Clown being a Yonko in one specific method. Keep in mind that since we are now in Wano territory, we are unaware of events occurring elsewhere. Buggy must have done something during that time that caught the notice of the international government. Nevertheless, because the chapter hasn’t even been published yet, we should maintain an open mind. There will undoubtedly be additional details provided as to how Buggy came to be an emperor.